Our Story

Meet Scott

Scott's journey into the hot sauce industry began not with ambitions of disruption or transformation, but from a simple passion for crafting artisanal sauces. His creations, designed to complement meals with both flavor and heat, quickly transcended the realm of a mere hobby as friends and family began to crave more. Recognizing the growing demand, Scott envisaged incorporating a unique tattoo element into his brand. This vision led him to collaborate with Aldo Gallegos, a talented artist and long-time friend, who, after sampling the sauces, eagerly agreed to lend his artistic flair. Together, they developed the distinct artwork that now adorns the product's packaging and website.

The next challenge was ensuring the sauces' shelf stability, a crucial step for commercial distribution. Scott navigated this phase successfully, resulting in a product ready for the market and a burgeoning list of orders, especially for the 2022 holiday season. Despite the rising success of his hot sauce line, featuring flavors like Sweet Heat, Cucumber Madness, and Pineapple Mango, Scott maintains a balance with his full-time job, dedicating himself to both his professional career and his family. His journey exemplifies how a simple hobby, fueled by passion and hard work, can evolve into a thriving business venture.

Meet Pup

Nyx, our HellBound Hell Hound, may not have a palate for peppers, but she's an unbeatable sidekick in the world of hot sauce! With her fiery spirit and loyal companionship, she adds an extra dash of excitement and charm to our hot sauce adventures. Her presence brings a unique and playful energy, making her an integral part of our spicy journey. Nyx might not savor the taste of peppers, but her enthusiasm and zest are the perfect ingredients for our hot sauce escapades!