Series 1 Artwork



Aldo Gallegos

Born to a long line of artists and musicians, Aldo Gallegos spent his youth surrounded with the inspiration that eventually led him into the world of tattoo art where he continues to dominate today.  Since 2006 he’s learned everything from black work to portraits and realism ultimately leading him into honing his craft with a focus on the style of illustrative new school tattoos.
 Aldo’s tattoo art tells a story visually and takes the collector on a journey of emotions solidifying a dedication to ownership and pride that they can carry with them for years to come. At their core these creations are cartoon based but the skills he’s cultivated through the years give him the ability to render each texture, surface, and detail to make the mind of the viewer believe that each subject could in fact be a reality. The freedom to create everything from subject matter to lighting and dimension to atmosphere is something that Aldo wears like a badge of honor and he strives to push the envelope with each upcoming project.
 Native to the beautiful state of New Mexico Aldo Gallegos calls Albuquerque home. He proudly represents the reigning Best of City Tattoo Shop champion that is Archetype Tattoo but can also be found in a city near you on one of his many yearly tattoo tour stops which can be found by following his social media accounts.
 Aldo thanks you and he looks forward to working with you on your next tattoo art journey.